Emulation on a PC

Don posted Jun 9, 03:12:


Is there any way to play with your code without building a hardware samplerbox first?

Maybe on a Windows or a Linux PC?


joseph posted Jun 9, 09:11:

Yes, you can test it on a Raspberry Pi without any SamplerBox hardware.
The Samplerbox hardware only adds buttons, 7-segment display, MIDI in via serial, and input/output connectors at the rear of the enclosure.
But you can test the code without this hardware.

And yes, you can also use it on a PC Windows / Linux. It's not documented yet, but you can install https://github.com/josephernest/SamplerBox on a PC.
You just need a little experience with Python in order to install the missing Python modules that are required for SamplerBox.

Have a try and tell me how it works.

remi posted Jun 9, 15:41:

The dependencies are a bit hard to install, so i made a portable version with all the libraries.

Here is the link:


  • Install python 2.7

  • Extract portableSamplerBox anywhere on your computer

  • Launch getaudioid.bat
    It will display your audio id, get the one you want.

  • Modify samplerBox\samplerBox\samplerbox.py
    AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = 3 with your audio ID

  • Launch samplerBox.bat

  • All the samples must be put inside media (you can modify this inside samplerbox.py)
joseph posted Jun 9, 17:32:

Waw Remi, this is very cool!

A few remarks:

  • Your portable version already includes Python, so no need to install install Python before, is it correct?

  • In samplerBox\samplerBox\samplerbox.py, you have set AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = 7, maybe you should set = 0 as a default value when someone opens your package?

  • It could be cool to add a pause as last line of getaudioid.bat so that we can read the devices before the window is closed

Nice idea!

remi posted Jun 12, 15:06:
  • You still need to have python installed as it needs a DLL (Python27.dll)

  • Oups ^^ I forgot about AUDIO_DEVICE_ID

  • I tried to remove most part of python (erasing at random but I realized it broke pip)

I will remake a new version (and add instructions on how to do it on your own) since using samplerBox on windows is really neat !

  • This is an awesome ways to teach music with just midi controller inside a computer room.
  • I love the idea to have a synth at my disposal where you just need to have a usb key, and any computer around to jam!
  • It is easier to make samples since you can save it, change program (to reload the samples) to test them.
  • The fact that all you can do with your computer will works on a embedded device really remind me of old school sampler (that I couldn't afford)
Tim posted Jan 17, 20:26:

Thanks for this - I'm testing some things out before building an actual box. Few questions:

  1. How do you change patches without having buttons? I've been just exiting the software, renaming the one I want to be #0, and restarting. Is there anyway to change?

  2. Any limits on file size or length? I was playing around a put a wav file in that was about 5 megs and 20 seconds long. It just gives the first second or so when I trigger it.

I'm not using a keyboard; I'm using a drum pad since that's the application I'd be using it. I'm a drummer and play an acoustic set with a small electronic pad that has build in sounds. But that pad has both usb and midi outputs so I'm considering a samplerbox to expand the sound options I have.



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