Mute groups and/or single polyphony?

LamptonWorm posted Sep 11, 23:21:

Hi guys,

Is there a quick way to implement either mute groups in the definitions or fix polyphony to one?

This is good when I'm using certain samples that when one is playing, I can hit another key and I want only the 'new' key to play, and so on.

Implementing trigger types like hold, one shot, loop etc. similar to the MPC could be quite nice too :)


James posted Sep 13, 00:32:

One way I discovered to limit to single poly is to edit the file /root/SamplerBox/ and change MAX_POLYPHONY from 80 to 1. There is a small side effect though, it will abruptly cut off existing sounds which can cause clicking.

On a related note, changing this setting to 20 or so prevents the older Raspberry Pi from lagging, especially when holding the sustain pedal down on piano notes. It works quite well.

LamptonWorm posted Sep 13, 19:43:

Ah thanks re: polyphony.

If anyone has any time to implement mute groups and trigger types that would be cool.



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