Error - No module named rtmidi2 - alexmacrae version from Github

Rajiv Deo posted Nov 9, 06:25:

I am using alexmacrae's version pulled from Github. I am getting following error

Line 33

import rtmidi2

Any help? suggestion? comment?

AlexM posted Nov 10, 07:15:

Are you sure rtmidi2 is installed?

On the command line execute the following:
cd /root
git clone
cd rtmidi2
python install
cd ..
rm -rf rtmidi2

rajivdeo posted Nov 14, 08:49:

thanks. I had to install cython and libasoun2-dev before running gives two warnings - strict prototypes not valid for c++ and comparing signed and unsigned expressions

rajivdeo posted Nov 14, 08:51:

read libasound2-dev instead of libasoun2-dev
sorry for typo

rajivdeo posted Nov 17, 17:04:

File "/root/SamplerBox/modules/" line 11
import alsaaudio
no module alsaaudio

pip install alsaaudio

red error

Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for alsaaudio

please help...

rajivdeo posted Nov 18, 05:01:

now next error ...

file /root/SamplerBox/modules/ line 45 in_init __ from rplcd import cursormode

importerror: cannot import name cursormode


HansEhv posted Nov 18, 12:53:

It seems the script does not relate to the image you're using. In itself not a problem, but it requires some more python knowledge than needed for basic installation.

Rajiv Deo posted Nov 20, 05:38:

I need SamplerBox image with Velocity sensitivity, Pitch Bend and Samples Randomization features.

As I did not find latest alexmacrae's image of SamplerBox, I started building one using a fresh updated and upgraded install of
Minimal image based on Debian Stretch
Version:September 2017
Release date:2017-09-07
Kernel version:4.9

I pulled alexmacrae's version from Github using git command. Installed every package required as and when different errors were thrown while trying to run "python" as root.

Now stuck at rplcd import cursormode - cannot import name cursormode

Please help to overcome this and subsequent(?) errors...

HansEhv posted Nov 20, 22:59:

Hi Rajiv,
Why don't you try Alex's image as he describes in the installation chapter of his docs:
His docs contain many more things that may save you time.
Hope this helps

Glenn posted yesterday, 01:42:

The "rplcd" import seems like it stands for Raspberry Pi LCD. Probably some package for writing to the character LCD display.

Maybe try this image (from link on Alex's page:

Rajiv Deo posted yesterday, 11:04:

I have difficulty in getting the randomization feature work out of this ready to use image. Samples do not get loaded if I add %seq in definition.txt

AlexM posted today, 05:12:

Hey Rajiv,

Name some files using this convention:


60 being the midinote (C4, although we'll fill all notes with this sample) and the following number being the %seq value.

And now your definition.txt:


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