80ms latency-where's the problem?

Kpcha posted Apr 21, 13:24:

Almost everything works fine, samplerbox is a great idea, but I've got annoying problem with latency. I use latest raspberry pi 3 and most recent iso image.
I measured actual latency of my samplerbox: it's alway something about 80 ms.

No matter if i'm using dat soundcard (alesis IO2) or not, no matter if i'm connecting my keyboard through the USB or midi input, with saw or piano samples.
I tried every hardware configuration, but there's still no improvement with the latency.

What else can i do? Is there any easy way to change samplerate and bitrate by editing micro SD card content from my PC? (only solution that comes to my mind).

Nate posted Apr 21, 17:00:

Try lowering the polyphony. I heard of some other tricks somewhwere too.

Kpcha posted Apr 21, 17:41:

I try to use samplerbox as a drum sampler, so i can decrease polyphony from default 80 to very low values (even less than 5), but it's my first contact with raspberry pi and i'm struggling with that problem for a few days :P

In samplerbox.py file everything is clear: i can replace values of polyphony or samplerate by simply replacing the values in some code editor (Sublime Text for example)

I wonder how to edit files saved on my micro SD card to change those values. Or maybe how to create new iso file from previously customized samplerbox.py file.

Kpcha posted Apr 22, 23:50:

I learned how to edit samplerbox code from this topic:
And it seems that changes have been made successfully.

I changed:
polyphony from 80 to 5
samplerate from 44100 to 48000
blocksize from 512 to 128

But after those changes latency is reduced from 80ms only to 50ms-it's still too high.

I have absolutely no idea what else i can do.


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