Recognise MIDI Channels 1,2 and 3

Derek Hamilton posted Dec 30, 15:19:

I'd like to use SamplerBox as an Accordion expander. Accordion MIDI is set with MIDI channel 1 as Right hand keyboard, MIDI channel 2 Left hand chords and MIDI channel 3 as left hand bass and counter bass.
Has anyone made SamplerBox recognise separate MIDI channels instead of all MIDI channels at once?

HansEhv posted Dec 30, 23:27:

There are versions restricting to 1 midi channel. Also possibilities to load more than 1 sample set simulaneously (voices), as well as chords support. My build has those building blocks.
Combining those (which I think can be done) seems answer to your question.
But I have a question in return: does the chord channel receive the chords from the accordion, or is it a single note which should generate the chord. And if so: how is indicated what type of chord should be generated ?
The midi implementations charts I found for midi accordeons just showed note-on/note-off and program change. So I expect the accordion sends all notes for chords (this is also logical, as you keep the control via the buttons on the instrument).


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