Is there an easy way to test audio/MIDI?

Cailen posted Feb 27, 15:36:

Hello, I seem to have successfully installed the OS, the files show up on the USB
0 Saw 1 GrandPiano etc

I am not getting sound with the internal or an external DAC but I also don't know if MIDI is working. Is there a way to test the audio with a midi file or something like that? Is there a way to check the status of my Midi controller?

Stuff I'm using:
M-Audio Radium 49 USB MIDI Keyboard (maybe not compatible via usb?)
Sewell Soundbox (maybe not compatible?)
Kingston USB2 4GB thumbdrive

Cailen posted Feb 28, 00:08:

I managed to create a MIDI IN circuit to connect a MIDI cable to the system with the 6n137 chip (using an alternative schematic) and now I am getting some sound. Using the external USB DAC I get a cleaner sound but the reaction time is slow and sometimes I have to hit a note 2 or 3 times before it plays. I also experienced a lot of unexpected ear melting noise and glitches when I first turned everything on.


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